Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Crowning Moment...

Miss Cambridgeshire Final Night - October 2013
On 20 October 2013 The Highfield Event Group hosted a lavish evening of food, drink, celebrity and the Miss Cambridgeshire Final.  The winner of the competition would be crowned by Mark Wright as Miss Cambridgeshire, win a host of prizes and gain entry into the famous Miss England Competition - leading to Miss World 2013.
I was interviewed and talked about how I raised £1400 for the Beauty With A Purpose Foundation by putting on various charity events, my interests and how I enjoyed the fitness bootcamp round in particular. 
I loved my time on the catwalk, smiling at the glam audience and twirling in my heels, I really made the most of it... but I never once thought I could win knowing how amazing and stunning the other girls were...
All of the finalists came on stage for one final time and I was so happy having had an amazing evening and met such lovely girls who I now called my friends. The moment came when Mark Wright announced the winner and to my shock he said my name! It was all quite a bit of a blur after that, but It was an absolutely incredible feeling! I suddenly thought... I am going to Miss England!!!

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